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August Jengler

By Hat Taglidbin

Standing in the bar, inevitably o my own, what is the difference between here and London? Well I guess few what we call black people, really anyone who is dark skinned on the whole, that is true or almost true, because this is the thing.
I forget where I am, I could be in London.
What is the difference in how people look here and how people look in London.
I love it here, there is something wonderful, but it is a major impediment not being able to speak German.
I think that the future lies here if people want a descent life. There is great potential. People are Eastern European, Slav, but that still doesn't quite distinguish them from how people might look at a bar in London. The point is that they are incredibly similar although I would say with a ruggedness in the men and a glory in the women not quite found in the manicured and groomed people at London bars. So, almost no difference apart from that there is the vast one of origin and the physical landscape to which a person is inevitably attached.
The difference that reveals itself in such small things, dress which is happily informal, expression, a different repertoire, adds up to a huge difference, a vast plane of differences stretching before me, encompassing not just Eastern Germany but the southern Baltic states.