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Ben Goldacre My Comments on My Reply

By Rat Outzipape

One of this things that occurs to me in connection with this is just how easy it is to have a 'false' memory - which is what I think this is. My story also illustrates some other fragility of my mental apparatus. I attribute this to stress and disorientation, and not a little to shock. Behind there seems to be an over dose of tiredness and high blood pressure. So there are some health issues, some issues of managing myself and my time more productively and respecting that I get exhausted.
Turning to broader issues though. My false memory came at the same time that the story about Steven Byers and co. broke and it put me in mind to reassess what their motivation might be.
If we just read the press or listen to the news we really get the tail end of events, but thinking into their situation we find that there are two former ministers at the end of their parliamentary careers, who are being frozen out by the current party due to their own previous expressed opinions.
Now we do want politicians to have opinions, but the consequence of the wrong one at the wrong time can be dire for the individual.
This is the backdrop.

Given the above it is not surprising that Byers should be desperate, in his own shocked and disorientated way, to find what ever work and status he can lay his hands on.

The human factor is very great in considering behaviour of a system such as that of the relationship between government and IT suppliers. The real issue is can that collective behaviour be changed?

This is what this series of posts explores.