Reasonable Solutions

I have just contacted the Conservative party with this message:-
I have specific details of an HMRC led IT project where the contractor seems to deliberately provides excessively expensive and sub standard functionality in the service. I would like the opportunity to gather my thoughts on paper about this in the knowledge that it will be considered and lessons shall be learned. To catch your attention my broader surmise is that savings down to from one tenth to one twentieth of current costs could be made in many areas, amounting to many billions of pounds every year. Can you provide me with a contact in this matter? Please note I have read your proposals on technology, I am offering far more detailed and actual practice based analysis than the high level offerings I have read so far.
Should my Mac be used as a communication hub?
The obvious answer is yes.
What do I have?
Direct to twitter
1. Seesmic Desktop & account
2. TweetDeck & account - but not really for online
3. Skype - can post from - this is a contact link to twitter
Direct to all services
1. Add this - can control to where this gets published and nature of the tweet if you are careful. It works in conjunction with It is a firefox extension.
2. and - which is perhaps the most useful because a controlled post can be made to all assets - well not nanoki of course! And I haven't set up another of my blog assets, perhaps I should, but too much work to get it into shape really.
And maybe it should be private from this?
I have already opened up nanoki.

Re:nanoki it does seem so long as it is contactable it suffices at the moment. It can be faster or slower, but not too terrible until it blocks. Then it needs a restart. I have no tool for this unfortunately, maybe a cron job? Wouldn't do any harm.

Services not covered
1. I have never made full use of delicious
I use it a lot, but not fully. Need to explore more, and how to link up with twitter, etc.
2. Remember aim is to gain readership. To that end this blog seems better suited.
But it is in conjunction with nanoki wiki, which has longer posts on the subject. Really this is supposed to be a tech blog, somehow. This post falls within remit. Politics and campaigning as such, does not. But nanoki has a load problem and an organisational problem.
3. labels and tags. twitter posts by any medium to this blog will use a filter and make it into a label. #filter #label ---> filter, label.
Things are more complicated taking into account delicious, firefox bookmarks, my own other blog asset and nanoki.
Ignoring the other blog asset as not involved here, just to mention its conventions are different, nanoki has no labels and no way of making them. But it does have a link back to internal referring pages. So all I need is a page for each label I want to create and a lists of links on it to the pages where the label should appear with the url of this page on the page being labelled. Bit of work but simple really.
4. Nanoki causes other problems in its rss feed. Items may not retain date, may not be updated and may duplicate. Feedburner doesn't seem to cure completely.
bloglines is helpful, though not quite happy with the html it produces, so that needs hand editing. From blog lines I can post here.

My bloging policy
1. I must decide how much of a campaign should find its way onto this blog.
2. Different issues, style of blog, readership is one, but growing a readership is another. There is a conflict between coherent focus and broad fishing.
3. I don't want to go too broad, I will never be able to make any points if I do.
4. nanoki wiki is a notepad, and quite personal, likely to jump from topic to topic. Without the label system it can never be read, though, so I need to set up those labels, in case I have visitors apart from robots.
5. I have no idea what would happen if I need to host externally. Would I have time to back it over into a shared host with root to my share? I guess that in that environment I could setup lua, with a lot of difficulty? That would become and the server here would have to become another of my domains, if I can find what I own, something like I have so much else to do.
6. Oh, and by the way, what is this campaign about? I think a succinct description of that belongs on this blog. More latter.

Side note - growl informs me of new tweets and unfortunately it seems some of those I follow are interested in Microsoft. I can bear Republicans, I can bear Conservatives, at a pinch, but this is awful. Keep on giving it away Bill!

With regard balance, well I'm interested in a wide audience hence motive for balance'. Here's the link for Labour. I haven't really been through it yet for technology. What little I have seen seems like nonsense and hot air from my point of view.
Labour party

Three points -
1. Perhaps they are too much in the thick of things to be able to put out anything else but statements weighed down by intractable detail.
2. Can an incumbent with so many years history in power really listen, isn't a party hungry for power more in a listening mode?
3. I am never sure what role the Cabinet Office have in this. They seem to be an extended arm of the Labour Party, one of the reasons a party fights to stay in power!