Diaspora Part Five

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A Taste of Semantic solutions
The following gives a feel for the subjects covered by Semantic Web interested parties.
Call for Papers
     1st Workshop on Personal Semantic Data: PSD 2010


             co-located with EKAW 2010

        11th - 15th October, Lisbon, Portugal
Personal Semantic Data is scattered over several media, and while semantic technologies are already successfully deployed on the Web as well on the desktop, data integration is not always straightforward. The transition from the desktop to a distributed system for Personal Information Management (PIM) raises new challenges which need to be addressed. These challenges overlap areas related to human-computer interaction, privacy and security, information extraction, retrieval and matching.
This workshop will bring together academics and industrial practitioners with the goal of fostering cross-domain collaborations to further advance the use of technologies from the Semantic Web and the Web of Data for PIM and to explore and discuss the challenges and approaches for improving PIM through the use of vast amounts of (semantic) information available online. At the same time we want to provide a platform for discussing research topics and challenges related to personal semantic data.
Quotes The following are quotes I noticed on the joindiaspora site.
@Laurent Eschenauer - Ostatus is great but for 140 characters so I think it's supplemental to projects like my own (get6d.com) and perfect for businesses.
Onesocialweb is also great but being built on XMPP means not all shared hosts can use it. We experimented with using XMPP a year or so ago and came to the conclusion if the lowliest of shared hosts can't host a person's site/identity then it wasn't a viable solution. This is why we built ours using just php. We do have future plans to extend it with possibly XMPP or node.js but first we want to get basic site framework finished. Either way because we built ours RESTfully it'll allow us to repackage the message in anyway later so we could talk to XMPP or whatever else.
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