On Borrowed Time

I have just finished reading my brothers report:
'On Borrowed Time
Avoiding fiscal catastrophe by transforming the state’s intergenerational responsibilities'

It is available here:-
Adam Smith Institute, author Miles Saltiel: On Borrowed Time 8/12/10 PDF document.
Link updated to own storage 15/05/2017.
It will never catch on. The fundamental objection to the argument for a return to laisser faire is that it would expose people to the harshness or an un-reconstituted market such as we already see with the immigration of cheap labour where people are prepared (are forced and exploited into) living several to a room.
However, I find myself very sympathetic to the thrust of his arguments and the vision he articulates.
I suppose I believe that the very faulty and incredibly wasteful of human potential system we have is a social compact against worse human behaviour that is the risk of laisser faire.
In short, I don't think we are capable of it, despite its appeal.
Read his report and come to your own conclusions.