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A Wiki, a Note Pad, a Feed

10/11/09 10:44

I think this is a very amazing tool, just because it encourages writing.
I think I will settle on capitals for begining of sentences, a various other norms of writing. This is so easy, do I need more?

But I thought, not unreasonably, that I would like to mirror these posts - is it a blog? - into my blogger blog, SemanticC. As I don't often post there and this machine is not always available.
I will get onto that, but first, point out -

a. Yes, it is true, this is not a blog, or a very sophisticated wiki, no subscriptions, or not easily, no various other bits.

b. As you will see, who needs the clutter?

c. this is only 1 - 3 meg memory footprint, compare to firefox - 340, artifactory - 259, nepomuk - 200, tomcat - 170, konquerer - 25, other nepomuk services 14 each and so on.

lua is suitable for embedding in phones as can be seen. I wonder how hard that is?

d. markdown, the styling syntax is dead simple and unobtrusive.

e. the whole interface is a joy of simplicity, once mysteries have been solved, such as the alias game, which is too much fun!

As a feed.

There is a feed to these pages and, I believe, the whole output is available too, as shows.

But there seems to be no way of echoing a followed blog from blogs I am reading into the main blog.
I imagine this is because one shouldn't quote without reading first, but still I'm a bit surprised. In my case, anyway, I just want to syndicate my own material. Perhaps I have missed something?
What I haven't missed is that when I copy it into a post it becomes, from something elegant, a whole mess to the point of being impossible to read.
Keeping things simple, legible and attractive in blogger is an effort.
What to do?