This Is How It Works

This Is How It Works

10/11/09 10:18

nanoki keeps a reference to the address that it is contacted from, whether internal or external.
an edit from a different internal machine yields a different alias.
an edit from the same machine, no matter the address is or 192 ... is the same alias.
does nanoki just resolve it to the same internal address or is it relying on a cookie sent to the browser?
not too bothered to find out at the moment.
does my machine resolve all internal request to the same address, or series of addresses, which nanoki then receives?

what is important is that it is possible to to check my machine is available on certain posts. but gibson shieldsup is not quite enough on its own as I found I didn't understand what it meant when it reported a port closed. now I do know I guess it would be, but I also used