Date blogger

Well I can see the problem with the date. The code I have introduced means that the date and month part must appear below the day abbreviation when it is a Thursday. This, in turn, means that the text doesn't flow correctly.
I'll have a look at what is most elegant to solve this.
I think, from inspection, that the abbreviation treatment is correct.
I have introduced a poll. It seems like a poll cannot extend beyond the month it is set in, which I find annoying.
I am still not happy with the use of the screen. I think the side panels take up too much rook, and waste space when there is nothing in them. The current design has two RHS panels, a narrow one and a wider one.
I also don't like the background to the gadgets.
What I do like is the way I am using MarkMail.
What i have done is narrowed down a search, in the case of the the one from scala-internals, to just two posts from David Pollak, to just 2.
Appart from the fact that this makes me look very cleaver if I can understand what he has posted about, this is genuinely very cool and useful.
What it is is a way of making comment on the list postings without having to post to the list. This is important to me because my comments will typically be off topic and, so, very annoying if made on the list.
I will elaborate on what I have to say about this post later.
In the meantime I also need to find a way of gathering data from MarkMail, if this is possible. It would be very interesting to have David Pollak has posted x number of emails on the subject of ... . Actually David has posted a huge number of mails, as it happens. I am unclear if this is a good example of what I am driving at or not.
I do remember that MS released a betta (it was quite broken from what I remember) many years ago of software that built a social picture of the interrelated posts on a topic or series of topics. I'm surprised this hasn't surfaced in any recognizable form, but, then, I haven't really been looking.