Day, Date and Time

Well I had to go into the Javascript to create a conditional so that Thursday will appear as Thurs and all other days will appear as three characters (Sun, Mon etc.). No big deal, just detail, and a strategy to deal with the detail since I didn't know what I was doing.
Most of the time it was finding that strategy.
I have night mares about setting up a decent debug environment, my next task at work. No doubt the same principal.
I then had to find the setting for the time zone, it is a basic setting.
w.r.t the tag cloud I'm unsure how it will look when there is a proper differential in usage. But suspect I have seen better implementations so i may change it or use a different impl.
I have to decide a couple of things. Am I happy with capitalized tags?
If not can they be changed across the site, I suspect so.
Can I import my tags from Firefox and/or delicious. It is bad enough that i have these different collections of tags, in different formats. I gues next trivial task will be to see whether I can find (or create?) a conversion tool that harvests and publishes tags between different on line presences. This is a bit of a bizare business since there is also flickr and, at a stretch though I don't use either, linkedin and facebook and locally digicam and nepomuk. There is also
I think that argues well for some uniform tool and there have been efforts in this direction. One was a DB that was built out of harvesting publically available tags, obviously in the line of what I am thinking. I think that service has, more or less, closed or sells into advertising agencies. This last is a sensible move and might be worth my investigating again?
About tags - well this is a whole other post, but just entering them
  1. It is far less effort to enter in lowercase.
  2. I am unsure how to deal with plurals - do I mean services or service? What about blogging, blogger and blog which are two nouns (blogger, blog), one with two meanings, blogger this service, blogger a person and two verbs (blogging, blog). Em.
  3. From my experiance with delicious, how to deal with compound words or concepts.
  4. How many tags to apply to a post anyway - that is how to know that more is not better? It just seems that fewer is easier for the user, but that depends on usage ...