Starting to blog

Well, I have messed around with the template and feel happy enough with it.
Some points.
This is a note pad. I'm not too concerned if anyone reads this.
This blog is oriented to my work and carries my signature, so it has some restrictions on what I might say. This, in turn, probably is to the benefit of the reader, or at least the type of reader who may end up here, since, in some parallel universe there may be another blog, possibly posted to under an alias, that contains all my most creative imaginings and inconsistent ramblings, right down to the most acerbic, biting critique. But enough of that, that is not for here. That only may ever take place. And, anyway, when it comes to this industry I will make a critique, it will be suitably anonymised here to prevent red faces, my own or others, in anger or shame.
This brings me to the last point I wanted to make in this first 'real' post.
The blog is called SemanticC, somehow a cleaver name, but it really means next to nothing.
I guess it could mean insight into the evolving world of semantics. Perhaps it will turn out that way, I have no objection. I will elaborate on this point in my next post.
But looking at the first post from April last year says something about me.
A debate graph - what a good idea.
What it says about me is that I expect, anticipate, even like contention.
I could say more about this, the person who puts himself in the middle of opposing arguments to see if they can be resolved.
I will leave this point dangling, but it is a good thing to bear in mind when considering AI and semantics.